Wednesday, February 22, 2006

home stretch... and what a stretch it is.

my back still hurts.

after two months of physical therapy and visits to specialists, the pain is starting to take its toll... on my patience. (which is, in turn, taking its toll on my schoolwork and my work work).

other than that, i'm actually in my last semester of school... i never dreamed that this time in my life would come. i'm excited and scared shitless.

i've been a student for SIXTEEN years. learning how to be anything else will be hard.

i'm excited to see what paths await me after college.

i bet i'll spend a lot more time at Disneyland, but... baby steps, right?

this one will be short and sweet as i have a shower and some laundry awaiting me.

thanks for stopping by!

-kat strat

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

back got hurt, semester ended, all hell broke loose...

so, since no one of consequence knows to visit this blog anymore, it is once again safe to write in.

on december 9th, i was involved in a boating accident at the disneyland resort. i was immediately rushed (via back of house tram) to the cast health center where i learned that i would be placed temporarily on "transitional duty" somewhere at the resort while my back healed. my first shift was as a greeter at the main street emporium-- closing on a saturday near christmas... needless to say, it sucked.

four stores and almost a month later, i'm finally off "transitional duty". as of thursday, i will be back in fantasyland where i belong. i still have physical therapy three times a week for until i'm completely healed, but i can handle that.

this semester happened. it was one of the hardest, but definitely the most rewarding. i actually stuck to my not missing class rule. i think i'll try it again next semester.

...and now for the hell:
so, a moderately important person in my life has a new boyfriend. i happen to hate him. he's NOT cute, smart, entertaining, charismatic, polite, normal, or sane... he IS a pathological liar, boring, slow, quiet, and "off".

i'm still waiting to see where the attraction lies...

and the waiting is what sucks.

and last but not least...

i went to my 8th grade class reunion tonight (yes, those exist).
it was at dave & busters.

steve holt was there along with the rest of the crew. it was good to see everyone. well, almost everyone. SK is now a professional cheerleader complete with fake boobs, fake hair, and fake nails... oh and a 2006 BMW that's "just a car" & "a piece of crap compared to the mercedes that was totaled."

grr grr grr. what is it about the misuse of money that pisses me off? do you really need a $39,000 car to go with your $10,000 boobs? can't you do some good with your money? what about the sick kids?

ok. i'm done.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

for shits and giggles.

Monday, November 28, 2005

i won't grow up...

...and if someone tries to make me, i will simply run away.

so, i have some huge responsibilties looming over me.

i know i can handle them.

but it feels like every time i accept another responsibilty, i let go of a little more of my childishness.


every task completed this semester means i'm that much farther away from the frivolity of my youth.

the biggest task i'm talking about is my entertainment marketing plan (in case you haven't been around to hear me bitching about it for the past few months).

with less than 48 hours until it's due, i'm sitting here listening to showtunes and writing in one of my forgotten blogs.

basically making up any excuse i can to avoid making any progress on it.

this is "a little bit ridiculous" as Skeletor would say.

i'm so happy with whatever is happening between me and Skeletor lately... even if what's happening is nothing.

because i'm happy. and, in the end, isn't that all that really matters? *sigh*

okay, time to wrap this up.
peace out, homies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the matterhorn is killing me!


as you all know.

i'm learning the matterhorn this week.

i love it there, but... oh my goodness.

it's everything and nothing like i expected.

i really think i get it, but i'm afraid of doing something stupid on my PA (which is tomorrow night).

wish me luck. i don't want to say that i'll need it, but...

anyway. i'll either be a happy camper, or very disappointed in myself come tomorrow night.

happy cause i passed my PA... or unhappy cause i failed my PA, and am now stuck at the classics for the rest of my life.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

i am here because everyone else is doing it.

nothing to say at the moment. not sure if this is going to be a copy and paste blog, or an exclusive content blog, or a random ranting blog, or what.

so. we'll just have to wait and see.